Acacia Wood Vs Ash Wood: Comparison Between

Comparison Between Ash Wood & Acacia Wood

Ash Wood comes from Ash trees that can be found throughout the world. Due to the hardness & elasticity of Ash Wood, it is popularly used to construct tool handles, sports equipment, furniture, and several other objects. On the other hand, acacia is a type of hardwood that is mostly used to construct outdoor furniture & decorative items due to its durability, strength, stability, and appearance. The comparison between Ash Wood & Acacia Wood as per their properties are as follows;
  1. Durability: Ash Wood is considered as perishable and non-durable wood. Besides that, the wood is susceptible to rotting when it is in contact with the ground or the wood is damp. On the other hand, acacia wood is less durable than teak but still, it is moderately durable compared to various other hardwood types.
  2. Appearance: Ash Wood comes in yellowish-white, reddish-white, or pale gray color options. The wood also has annual rings that are clearly visible creating an elegant surface structure. On the other hand, acacia wood color ranges between dark red to light brown and it can easily be separated from yellowish-white color sapwood.
  3. Texture: Ash Wood has open pores and requires proper sanding & filling in order to achieve a smooth finish. On the other hand, acacia wood comes with a fine texture that means it already has a smooth finish.
  4. Price: Ash Wood is a little inexpensive compared to acacia wood as it is widely available. On the other hand, acacia wood is fairly priced that is quite less than similar types of hardwoods.

Conclusion: As per the above-given comparison, acacia wood is a far better choice than ash wood. The user can still go with ash wood as it is widely being used for construction purpose.
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