Acacia Wood Furniture: Pros, Cons & Care For Outdoor Furniture

Brief Overview

Acacia wood is an attractive hardwood which is mostly used in making outdoor furniture products due to its durable nature. If the user takes proper care of acacia outdoor furniture and treats it with a weather-proof finish, the furniture will last for years & decades to come.
Is It Possible To Sand The Acacia Wood?
Some of the refined woods like teak and cedar have sufficient amounts of oil in the wood which protects them from the harsh outdoors elements. Acacia wood lacks some of the protective oils due to which acacia wood needs to be stained or repainted once a year. It has been recommended by the experts to light sand the untreated wood with fine-grain sandpaper.

Ways To Care Acacia Wood Furniture

The end-user can care Acacia Wood Outdoor Furniture products by following the below-given ways:
  • Avoid Sunlight:
  • The user needs to place Acacia Wood Furniture away from direct sunlight because its rays may dry out the wood. In case of Acacia Patio Furniture, place it under an umbrella or canopy in order to minimize the damage occurring due to rain and sun.
  • Cleaning:
  • The customer needs to clean spills on acacia wood furniture with soft cloth moistured with soapy warm water. It has been recommended by the experts to let the Acacia wood air dry or else use another cloth to dry it up.
  • Use Wood Preservative Product:
  • After cleaning, it is necessary to use furniture wax or any wood preservative product on the Acacia Wood Furniture as per the label instructions. The customer can also apply other applications if needed in order to restore the acacia wood furniture's original shine.

Pros And Cons Of Acacia Wood Furniture

There are several Pros & Cons of Acacia wood furniture some of which are mentioned below:


  • Durable:
  • Acacia is a durable hardwood which can withstand the elements for years to come.
  • Less Expensive:
  • It is less expensive than various exotic wood counterparts.
  • Lighter:
  • It is lighter in weight compared to other hardwoods.


  • Expensive Then Other Hardwoods:
  • It Might Be Less Expensive Then Various Exotic Wood Counterparts But It Is Much Expensive Then Other hardwoods.
  • Found Easily:
  • It Cannot Be Found Easily As It Only Grows In The Natural Habitual Of Australia & Africa.
  • Bulge:
  • Leaving It In Rain For A Few Days May Cause A Bulge In The Furniture.
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