Acacia Wood Furniture Maintenance: Instructions For Caring Acacia Garden And Wood Furniture

Acacia Wood Furniture Care And Best Oil

Acacia Wood Furniture Care
Follow the below given instructions to take proper Care of the Acacia wood furniture:
  1. Never place your Acacia wood furniture item in sunlight as the UV radiations of the sun can cause the wood to dry.
  2. Always clean your Acacia wood furniture with a soft damp cloth with warm soapy water. After that clean your furniture with another soft dry cloth and allow it to dry in air.
  3. Always place your outdoor furniture items under an umbrella to minimize the damage that is caused due to rain or sun.

Acacia Wood Furniture Oil
The Acacia wood is oiled to highlight its color variations, oiling is also used to protect the Acacia wood from UV radiations. Follow these steps:
  1. Always use linseed oil or tung oil for the Acacia wood as these are natural drying oils.
  2. If your furniture has been placed outside then make sure you must dry it before oiling it. Once the item is clear scrub it with sandpaper this opens the grains in the wood and allow them to absorb oil.
  3. You can apply the oil on the wood item by a paintbrush, rotate your furniture item up and down so that every surface of the item is oiled.

Acacia Wood Patio/Outdoor/Garden Furniture Care

  1. Avoid placing your Acacia furniture near any pool areas as the pool water contains chlorine and that can easily eat away the water-resistant finish of the product.
  2. You must clean your Acacia furniture item twice annually and always use a soap solution that contains liquid dish wash and washing detergent in it. Brush your item with scrub and rinse it with a dry towel and allow it to dry.
  3. Always place a waterproof cover on your Acacia wood furniture when it is not in use as acacia wood is sensitive to humidity and air.
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