Acacia Timber Furniture: Overview & Outdoor Furniture


Usually known for being extremely heavy, hard and strong Acacia wood is not likely to warp or crack during manufacture. These qualities make it a good choice for timber door and window frames, furniture and also paper production. Its Solid wood is used in all forms of making furniture like Dining Tables, chairs, Occasional Tables, Home office, Bedroom sets, etc. The Acacia wood is becoming the choice of most of the manufacturers for making outdoor as well as indoor furniture because of many properties like it can withstand to all weather elements if treated properly, and has very low moisture Content due to which it will not shrink or wrap.

Acacia Timber Outdoor Furniture And Timber Chairs

Timber Chairs
Acacia timber is known for its best quality and superior designs, the solid timber of acacia is used for the making of chairs that are durable and comfortable and is used everywhere. The customer can find The best Acacia Timber at Amazon, the complete store where you will get the best acacia timber chairs, you can also shop.
Timber Outdoor Furniture
Acacia Timber outdoor Furniture Chairs can be used for all outdoor activities, Weight bearing capacity ranges from 0-100 kgs. It is lightweight and durable. It does not require enough cleaning and maintenance cost. The average life of chair varies up to 10 yrs which are one of the key advantages of it compared to chairs available in another material. Best Suitable for Breakfast, Kitchen, Reception areas, Terrace, Living Room, Dining Room, Cafe, Pubs, Bars, Restaurants, Indoor / Outdoor, Lawn, Cafeteria, Balcony, and Garden.
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