Acacia Patio Furniture: Brief Overview With Care Tips

Acacia is regarded as one of the best, durable and attractive hardwood which is widely getting used in manufacturing the outdoor furniture products. Acacia patio furniture can survive almost all the weather elements for years or even decades if treated properly with a weather-proof finish. Acacia wood is also becoming the choice for outdoor furniture because of it being cheaper than the teak wood.

Acacia Wood Patio Chairs & Tables

Some of Acacia Wood Patio Chair products:
  1. Solid Acacia Wood Patio Chairs, Set Of 2: This set includes two chairs with cushions. These chairs are having a beautiful wood grain finish and shine. These chairs are naturally durable and pest resistant.
  2. Acacia Wood Garden Bench: This item is having a flat white paint finish and holds the seating capacity for three persons.
  3. Acacia Wood Patio Loveseat: The frame of this item is made up of solid Acacia hardwood with a beautiful ocean grey finish.

Some of the Acacia patio table products are:
  1. The Gray Barn Bluebird Acacia Patio Coffee Table: This item is having an extra shelf at the bottom for extra storage. This item is constructed of 100% acacia wood and is having a natural deep brown color. This item is all weather resistant.
  2. Stamford Outdoor Acacia Wood Round Dining Table: This item is having an X shaped support base and is made up of acacia wood with a wood finish.

How To Care Acacia Patio Furniture

Follow the below-given instructions for taking proper care of your Acacia patio furniture:
  1. Avoid placing your Acacia furniture near pool areas as the pool water contains chlorine and that can eat away the weather resistant finish of your Acacia furniture product.
  2. Always clean your Acacia furniture item twice annually by using a soap solution made up of dish wash and detergent.
  3. Always clean your Acacia furniture product after rain as moisture can expand the wood cells and can make furniture look like swelled and buckled.
  4. Always place the waterproof covers on your Acacia furniture item when it is not in use.
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