Abv Furniture: Overview, Address, Phone Number, Email

General Overview, Address, Phone Number And Email Of The Company

ABV Furniture is in business since 1984. You will get all kinds of office furniture. The types of furniture they carry at their store are suitable for places like lounge systems, ALU systems, FIT systems, All Desktops, All Screens, Stand Alone & Surfaces.

How Can I Receive General Documentation At ABV Furniture?
For receiving general documenntation, follow these steps:
  • Visit website "www.abv.be".
  • At the top right side you will get "Language" option, select your preffered language.
  • Then visit the "Documention" section located on the left of "Contact".
  • Fill in all the required details and "Send" it to them and in return they will send you "General Documentation".
  • You can also request for general documentation Here.

Office Contact Details
Address: ZI Haut prérue Guillaumed'Orange BE - 4100 Seraing - Belgium .
Phone Number: +32 4 337 83 23
Email Support: The Email support for any kind of the query are Abv@abv.be
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