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What are the Main Services of the company?

The company offers free shipping on the carpets and rugs over the purchase of $100 that are ordered online. They are committed to providing the best delivery service possible and they deliver all furniture and non-furniture items according to the rates that are outlined by them. The company will deliver the non-furniture items within the 3 days and their total delivery fee is calculated during the checkout process and they will deliver the furniture items according to the product assembling or as per your convenience and their delivery fee is based on the total weight of their products.
Contact Information
Phone Number: 646.602.3101 or 646.602.3797
Email Address: The customer can also mail the company at the

ABC Carpet And Home Modern Furniture Collection

The company has an astonishing range of carpets and home furniture items and some of the examples are as follows:
  1. Silk Rugs: These rugs are composed of silk and each of them is having unique variations.
  2. Over Dyed Silk Rugs: These rugs are also constructed of silk and are having traditional patterns.
  3. Vintage Wool Rugs: These rugs are crafted of the wool and are having garden pattern variations.
  4. Sofas: The sofas are having the wooden frames and metallic accents and are having the upholstery made up of velvet, cotton, linen and leather.
  5. Tables: The tables are made up of organic wood, tempered glass, antiqued brass and coated metals.
  6. Chairs: The chairs are having the Goodwood frames and the upholstery made of velvet and leather.
  7. Bookcases: They are thermo-welded and are having the extra transparent glasses.
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