ABC Furniture Vase: Overview, Phone Number

General Overview And Its Phone Number

ABC furniture company is having a diverse range of handcrafted vases and here are some of the examples given below:
  1. Ash Cloud Vases: These vases are made up of ceramic material with volcanic ash and these vases are finished with up to three layers of glaze.
  2. Julia Schultz Copper Vessel: These vases are made up of copper and are hand-crafted by using a galvanic technique.
  3. Bud Vases: These vases are made by using the recycled glass bottles and are hand-crafted by the artisans of Palestine.
  4. Geodesign Bud Vases: These vases are available in two different sizes and are made up of glass.
  5. Nathalie Sonnet Vase Deep Blue: These vases are also made up of ceramic materials and are handcrafted by the artisans of France.

Note: If you want to know more about the Vases range of the ABC furniture company then Visit its Vase and bowls page and you will get all further information.

Contact Details
Phone Number: The customers can get in touch with them on 646.602.3101 and 646.602.3797.
Email Support: The customers can also mail them at "".
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