Abbotsford Discount Furniture: BC( British Columbia), Contact Details

Discount Furniture Stores At Abbotsford BC( British Columbia) And Contact Details

There are many stores in the Abbotsford BC area that sell their furniture on a discount basis and some of the stores are given below:
Canadian Furniture Factory Outlet: It is the best discount furniture in the Abbotsford and they sell the furniture products on pleased discount. You can even return your discounted furniture without any hesitations.
Phone Number: (604) 864-8148.

The Brick: This store is the second best Discount furniture store in the Abbotsford area and you can sometimes purchase the goods at half price, the staff is recommendable as they help the customers in every possible way.
Phone Number: (604) 504-1771.

Sleep Depot is Another discount furniture store that always keeps their price reasonable so that everyone can purchase their products without any hurdle. These stores offer the best goods at lower prices comparatively than other stores.
Phone Number: (604) 820-2282.

Sleep Centre: This company offers the payment through credit card and debit card and they will sell the home goods at the cheap prices so that the customers can afford it.
Phone Number: (604) 607-5549
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