Abad Santos Furniture: Contact Details Of Cheap & Other Furniture Shops At Santos

Contact details of the furniture Shops at Santos

There are many Shops in the Santos area and the best of them are as follows:
  1. Best Buy Furniture: This store has an astonishing range of furniture products and its related accessories.
    Phone Number: 02-2885616.
    Dexterton: This store is having top branded furniture items, lighting fixtures and much more.
    Phone Number: 02-3621111.
  2. Lordrenz Furniture: This store has the custom furniture products. For further information, you can call them on:
    Phone Number: +02-7758289.
    Arabella MFG: This store has handmade furniture items that are crafted locally. You can contact them on:
    Phone Number: +02-3728322.Gasmar Fashion Center: This store has solid wood furniture items.
    Phone Number: +02-2420660.

    Abad Santos Cheap Furniture

    There are many furniture stores in this area but there are few stores that have the furniture at cheap rates and some of them are as follows:
    1. Furniture Station: This store is having the biggest floor area than any other shops out there and they are having a diverse range of furniture, home good, lightening items and much more.
    2. Ocean Furniture: They are known for their furniture ranges for offices and other workplaces.
    3. Furniture Fair: They are the oldest furniture store in this area, and they offer the furniture products at a reasonable price.
    4. Soniel Home Furnishing: They are having the locally made cabinets, benches, chairs and much more and you can customize the furniture products as per your choice.
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