2 Story Foyer Decorating Ideas: Different Decorating Ways For Your 2 Story Foyer Or Entryway

Different Decorating Ways For Your 2 Story Foyer Or Entryway

The area through which you enter your home is usually known as "Foyer" or "Entryway". It is the place where you generally welcome your guests and helps you in setting the tone for the rest of your home. Therefore, it is important to decorate your entryway in order to make good impression on the people who visit your home. Nice lightening is what you need for good impression and chandelier is one of the best options for this purpose but you need to make sure to put the chandelier at the right height and size for your needs, otherwise, it will not work. You need to select the right size for your Foyer and it should be in the center of your home & not too big or too small. Other decorating ideas or ways are mentioned below that will have a good impression on the guests who visit your place:

Way 1: Create A Gallery Wall In Your 2 Story Foyer

One of the best ideas when it comes to decorating your 2 story foyer is to create a gallery in one wall space where you can display all your family photos or other interesting wall art. Creating a gallery wall will add personality as well as warmth to your 2 story foyer. Gallery wall will attract your guests and will give them a good impression as soon as they enter your house. This will make this large entrance to your home seem more cozy. Gallery wall will create a welcoming entryway for your guests. However, in order to make gallery wall look more beautiful and attractive, it is important to prevent it from looking too cluttered, and therefore, you should invest in a selection of matching or coordinating frames. You can add your family photos as well as travel snaps that are professionally printed by high quality photo studio. You can also add the wainscoting panels, which will provide an extra visual element to the high walls, which in turn helps to break it up.

Way 2: Use A Large Mirror In Your 2 Story Foyer

Another best way to decorate your 2 story foyer is to incorporate a beautiful tall mirror into the space. You can invest in beautiful or very attractive large mirror, due to the reason that you already have the height in your entryway space. When it comes to your 2 story foyer having large glass windows above or beside the entrance door, then using a large mirror is the best option. A mirror is considered a great way when it comes to bouncing natural light around your entrance hall. To do this, you need to purchase a few large mirrors before hanging them strategically in order to allow the natural light to flow freely to your living room and also through to your kitchen. This is more easily achieved when it comes to an open plan home, due to the fact that doorways will not be able to block the light from lightening up the other rooms.

Way 3: Add Elegance To Your Foyer With A Large Chandelier

If you are looking to add an attractive or exciting quality that makes your two-story foyer seem appealing, then you can consider hanging a large, chic chandelier in your entrance. A foyer chandelier will certainly add glamour to your entryway & can be a wow factor for your guests. This area having foyer chandelier will be a dazzling focal point & will make the area feel more intimate. After adding elegance to your foyer with a large chandelier, your high ceiling will not seem as high.

Way 4: Use Rugs And An Entry Table

If you have a 2 story foyer that is as long as it is high, then you can also take into consideration of adding textured area rugs that feature bright colors to zone off parts of the room. A beautiful Persian runner usually in royal blue or other bold colors can add a sophisticated touch to your entryway and will attract your guests into your home. Alternatively, an olive green rug placed through your doorway can zone off the entrance to the home, from the rest of the hall. Add an area rug underneath a console table or small table close to the front door, which in turn, will create a home for those grab and go items, like keys, wallets, purses and phones. Your foyer space is also a great spot when it comes to adding a few intentional décor items. However, it is important to keep the entry space uncluttered for a fresh look.
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